Always Alhamdulilah

Islamic Modern Farmhouse Wood Sign

Have you had a day where you felt like things start off horribly but it turned out just right and exactly as it should?

Want to hear a funny story? Your girl woke up late, missed the carpool pick up for the kids, but before I fumbled out of bed like a crazy person, I get a notification from the school saying there was a delay due to a power outage. Always Alhamdulilah.

Allah send us little eases, if we only took the time to realize it.

Sometimes we don't see the good until later.
Sometimes we miss the good because we weren't paying attention.

On this blessed Friday, here's your official reminder to take it easy, be mindful, and ask the Most High to take care of it. Now watch the magic of your Good day.

It's always a good day to have a good day.