Oh Allah Bless this mess and the one's that made it


What's the worst but really fun thing your kids have done so far?⁠

If you have twins or multiple kids, you know, it can get really messy.

So, my sister and I are creating a compilation video for my Mom's birthday and we found a treasure trove of videos of the twins caught in the act.⁠ After ooing and aaahing over some adorable precious moments, we found the really terrifying but really funny stuff. 

The ABSOLUTE Worst but really, really funny video is of the twins in the kitchen with flour 😭(AAAAAHHH), yes flour, all over my kitchen floor, counters, and walls. They emptied the whole bag, while I was doing laundry! I took a picture to send my family and video taped their response when I asked them WHY. Their response was ridiculously funny " Mommy, why is the floor so messy, we need to clean it, I can help you". She said this with flour in her hair and all over her naked body. I died. LOL⁠
Then I cried for a week because it took so long to get out of the nooks and crannies of our wood floor.⁠

Finding the video reminded me of really tough times, but you got to love them, they were really so CUTE! And I do miss their cuteness, but thank God, we are not making those kinds of messes anymore.⁠

This dua'a is for all the mama's that have the worst stories to tell about messes their little ones have made and remind them that they are little blessings and we shouldn't take for granted.⁠

"Oh Allah bless this mess and the one's that made it" is perfect for a nursery & kid's room.⁠

We had fun designing it and we think you'll like it too!