About us



When you become a parent, the first thing you want to do is fill your home with all the things you want your child to be surrounded by and purge everything else. These can be things, habits, or lifestyle; especially as a Muslim.

After having our twins, Lilly & Lulu, our life was turned upside down. Not only does your parenting strategies go out the door with multiples, but the importance of incorporating your Islamic Identity becomes forefront.

It became our number one priority. 

We asked ourselves, how can we teach our 4 girls to love God and love their Muslim lifestyle? Especially in a world that teaches hate.

 We decided, it starts by making room to learn about their deen.

How do you do this?

By creating beautiful spiritual spaces & loving peaceful atmosphere that allow a space for conversation and questions.

Our little family of six has started this shop to make beautiful statement pieces available to all Muslim homes who want to inspire faith without negotiating their style. 

We could not do what we do without the amazing team that makes up our Lilly & Lulu Co family. We are also so blessed and thankful for our customers! 

Thank you for the part you play - You make this a whole lotta' fun!