Not a leaf fall but that He knows it
Not a leaf fall but that He knows it
Not a leaf fall but that He knows it
Not a leaf fall but that He knows it

Not a leaf fall but that He knows it

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With Him are the keys of the unseen—no one knows them except Him. And He knows what is in the land and sea. Not a leaf falls but that He knows it, nor a grain in the darkness of the earth or anything—green or dry—but is ˹written˺ in a perfect Record. 

Quran 6:59


Length: 11.5"
    Width: 11.5"
      Thickness: 1"
      • Black Wood + White Text + Frame
      • Lightweight signs (2-5 pounds) making decorating and rearranging easy peasy!
      • Hanging hardware is included
      • Designed, crafted, and assembled in North Carolina
      • Frames are one-of-a-kind and no two will look the same

      Orders are shipped in the 3-5 business days


      The artistic excellence of this verse is [chefs kiss*]

      The keys to the unseen, beyond us, all of the knowledge that we can never fathom, all of the past, present, and future. What takes place in this life and beyond our imagination.

      The verse carries you to understand the depth of this knowledge to what we can see and understand. The seen world, but stretched infinitely over the horizon.

      The most famous of the verse, the leaf, is the movement of our own life, our stages, our death, our brokenness, and our rebirth.

      The verse continues to relay the depth of Allah’s knowledge in what is deep beyond the surface, the things we don’t even think about, every detail. Nothing is missed.

      And finally, that it is all recorded.
      All with Him, a Worthy Judge and King to hold the knowledge. The One who knows all that was described is the same that knows you, all of you, and every part, even the parts you don’t know yourself.
      The King, Our Master, The Most Gentle, The Most Kind, The Most Merciful.

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      Not a leaf fall but that He knows it

      This is the perfect fall piece in any home. This company always delivers amazing product! Definitely will be a long time customer. Every piece I have ever bought from lily & lulu has brought so much beauty into my home Alhamdullilah. thank you for everything

      Samia Mubarak

      This piece brights up the room and is so elegant and handcrafted with love and care.