The Reward for Goodness is Nothing But Goodness

Quran Verse Art

How do you get through those really tough days?


I'm not talking about someone cutting you off in traffic or spilling a little coffee on your shirt before work.

I'm talking about the really hard stuff.

How do you wake up and go about your day like nothing difficult is happening and your world is spiraling?

It's not easy, but there is a way. God commands us to do our part & our best to get out of it, then rely on him. Maryam (RA) had to shake the date tree to eat the dates ease her labor.

These are the days I want to dive into the Quran and never come out. To find my solace in Allah's words and be at peace.

It's not easy though. You need to make space for the Quran. In your head and your heart. You do that by creating a habit of turning to the Quran in your everyday. When you wake up, you zombie walk to the bathroom, wash your face, brush your teeth, or make your coffee. It's a part of you, you're so used to it, it doesn't take a second thought.

Allow the Quran to be a part of you.

The really tough days can turn into times you are closer to God because of the relationship you have built with Him. It makes it easier to trust in His plan and His path for you.

I love the verse

The reward of goodness is nothing but goodness 

Quran 55:60

because it reminds me, that even when things really suck; everything I do counts.  Every smile, every late night, and even every hug and kiss that I give my loved ones, is rewarded, noticed, and appreciated.

On the really tough days, this verse is a reminder that whatever I give of myself, especially when its hardest, Allah knows.